Top 10 Strongest Jutsu Naruto Uzumaki

Top 10 Strongest Jutsu Naruto Uzumaki

Today we are going to be looking at those that I consider the top 10 strongest Jutsu naruto ever used during the series there are just a couple of cav

Read Top 10 Strongest Jutsu Naruto Uzumaki

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Read Top 10 Strongest Jutsu Naruto Uzumaki

Today we are going to be looking at those that I consider the top 10 strongest Jutsu naruto ever used during the series there are just a couple of caveats when watching. 

This list is about just Jutsu so any of naruto's different forms like Sage Mode or Baryon Mode won't be making it here obviously due to performing with other characters is not included in the list also while raw power is definitely a big factor we're also going to be taking into account just how useful these techniques were to naruto during his fights.

so now without any further ado let's get started

10. Boil Release - Unrivalled Strength

Boil Release - Unrivalled Strength Naruto Strongest Jutsu

We have another one of the tail beast techniques naruto only learns how to use after getting the sage powers and it's broken basically, the user can boil their own chakra to increase their own physical strength. 

You can pretty much see the steam erupting from their bodies the more steam you have the stronger the user is at the moment how strong can a user get well as the name suggests you can get ridiculously strong by the time naruto learned it he was already absurdly powerful but this just added another multiplier on top of that using this naruto smashed one of Kaguya's Techniques and at that point, we're talking about the level of literal gods and not just ordinary ninja the best part is that unlike something like the Eight Gates there are absolutely no drawbacks whatsoever.

9. Lava Release - Rasenshuriken

Lava Release - Rasenshuriken Naruto Strongest Jutsu

Take the incredibly broken Russian shuriken and add the four tails chakra Series and you get this monstrosity the rating shuriken is already enough to take out almost anything that isn't a six parts character so how strong is this version.

This technique was strong enough to blast away ten tails Madara someone even Naruto and Sasuke was struggling with before they got their six past powers this isn't even the most impressive thing it did though it also just happened to casually cut the god tree in half.

Like Naruto wasn't even aiming for that this thing just happened to slice the tree on its way to Madura and that was enough, oh and it looks absolutely amazing if you needed any more reasons to love this technique.

8. Kurama Arm Strike

Kurama Arm Strike Naruto Strongest Jutsu

The last naruto movie was pretty much high tier naruto and Hinata fan service and it all built up to this technique naruto concentrates all of his and Kurama's chakra into one hand and punches someone really really hard.

How strongly does he hit just the shockwave from this hit made a giant crack on the moon not only was this enough to blow away Toneri's attack it was quite literally one-shot him this was the same Taneri who 10 minutes ago cut the moon in half yes the actual moon.

we should just be happy naruto didn't think of using this technique during the war or it would have been a lot shorter maybe holding Hana Inuzuka gave this technique the last bit of oomph who knows.

7. Bijuu Dama

Bijuu Dama Naruto Strongest Jutsu

I mean you can't really talk about a version of the Tail baseball without talking about the original thing yes the Bijuu Dama is not only one of naruto's strongest techniques but one of the most recognizable Jutsu in the entire naruto world naruto himself has used this thing many many times to great effect

The Bijuu Dama being introduced was pretty much the point where ordinary ninja didn't really have that much left to do in the show, they were just too outclassed probably the most recognizable Bijuu Dama from naruto himself came from his last clash with Sasuke at the final valley this thing matched Sasuke's perfect Susanoo Chidori both because of how strong it is and because of how important it is in naruto the Bijuu Dama takes its rightful spot on this list

6. Truth-Seeking orbs

Truth-Seeking orbs Naruto Strongest Jutsu

The Truth-Seeking orbs are probably one of the strongest techniques in the entire series the only reason this isn't top five is that naruto seemed like he had no idea how to use the things these orbs are pretty much made of every chakra nature you can think of and can

instantly negate any Ninjutsu thrown at them oh and if one just happens to touch you pretty much instantly get vaporized just by having these things

The team of guys Kakashi, Lee, and Milito had to play some 5d chess just to get a single hit on Matara that's how crazy they are naruto mostly used these orbs to block a Susanoo Arrow and get some height against Kaguya yes definitely not his finest moments you can't help but think there was some missed potential here for naruto

5. Super Ultra Giant Ball Rasengan

Super Ultra Giant Ball Rasengan Naruto Strongest Jutsu

Say one thing about naruto says he learned how to name his Jutsus from his father, yes the name doesn't exactly leave a lot of room for the mystery here, this is the biggest ball of Rasengan that anyone in the entire show can make, and something we've only seen naruto ever uses how big is it well take the giant Rasengan and multiply it by 10 and you'd be close.

The thing was strong enough to defeat fuse Momoshiki Delta and push Jigen to use his teleportation Jutsu to escape it's clear this is the strongest Rasengan was seen until now.

4. Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken

Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken Naruto Strongest Jutsu

Naruto's techniques aren't exactly creative but they sure do get the job done as the name suggests this is basically just taking out the Rasengan base from the Rasenshuriken and adding a mini tail baseball to it 

Naruto being naruto he can of course use many of these at the same time as if he needed any more power using these naruto pretty much destroyed a Barrage of Meteors these weren't exactly small either. 

They were pretty much the same size as the ones that Madara Meteor used in his legendary introduction against the Shinobi Alliance whether this is just proof that naruto's power scaling got really ridiculous at the end is up for debate still this looks really cool and deserves a spot here

3. Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken

Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken Naruto Strongest Jutsu

And now we've finally come to the ultimate form of the Rasenshuriken and well there were a lot of forms basically infusing any one of the Tail Beast Chakra into the Rasenshuriken makes its own new variation with its own unique appearance.

Naruto, of course, had all of the Tail Beast Chakras at this point and he had nine different forms of the Rasenshuriken at his disposal look any single one of these is overpowered and will literally one-shot anybody but Madara, Obito Sasuke, and other Otsutsuki Characters.

Naruto however can use clones to throw all nine of these at once at someone pretty much the definition of overkill at that point.

2. Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken

Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken Naruto Strongest Jutsu

Take the last entry and make them bigger yes for some reason if you need to take one of the strongest Jutsu in the series and make it even stronger you'll end up with this thankfully even naruto needs to be in his Kurama Avatar 

If he wants to use these things and he can't quite use all nine at once but they still destroy basically anything in the series

we saw these things match Sasuke's ultimate technique Indra's arrow frankly the fact that Sasuke had anything up his sleeve even close to matching this is a miracle

The Ensuing Clash from their Jutsu created the biggest blast in the entire series destroying not only final valley but everything for miles in terms of raw power, naruto has never used a stronger technique than this

Now before revealing naruto's best Jutsu I have two honorable mentions since naruto has so many techniques that you just can't fit them all onto this list we didn't even have room to put in the normal wrestling gun still there are two Jutsu that Naruto is most well known for and they are,

  • Sexy Jutsu

Sexy Jutsu Naruto Strongest Jutsu

what can I possibly say about this technique that can show off how broken it is naruto can combine his shadow clone Jutsu with his sexy Jutsu to make a harem of gorgeous women just seeing this offers a level of mental shock Itachi Tsukuyomi wishes it had

Using just a sexy Jutsu Naruto was able to one-shot the third Hokage as a genin even Kaguya the strongest person in the entire original series wasn't immune to the reverse harem Jutsu was unironically useful in their fight against Kaguya more than most of the things on this list

  • Talk No Jutsu

Talk No Jutsu Naruto Strongest Jutsu

The second honorable mention goes to the Talk No Jutsu it doesn't matter if you're just a missing ninja trying to make some money or a god-like being planning to conquer

the world you aren't immune to this

using this forbidden art naruto can and will bring up the past you really don't want to remember and make you go through the therapy you missed out on everyone from Nagato to Obito didn't stand a chance when naruto booked their therapist appointment.

1. Multi Shadow Clone

Multi Shadow Clone Naruto Strongest Jutsu

Now the mentions are out of the way let's get to our number one entry yes at number one we have the single most recognizable Jutsu in the entire show and are pretty much the only one that is stuck with naruto through the entire series.

No matter how strong he got and how broken every villain got the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu always had its place, for one thing, many of naruto's strongest techniques like Ashura Mode or the Rasengan Barrage needs shallow

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Clones to actually use them this isn't even the only reason this technique is here the multi-shadow clone Jutsu represents the single biggest missed opportunity in the entire show basically when a shadow clone dies it remembers the last few seconds before it popped letting the user learn from their experiences that don't sound that great until you remember that using thousands of shadow clones naruto managed to learn wind chakra in a couple of days

This is something that's supposed to take years and naruto did it over a weekend pretty much the entire show would have been a lot shorter if naruto had used this technique to its full potential is the only thing really stopping this technique from breaking the series is the writer not wanting to use that Hack half of Borut doesn't happen if naruto just has a hundred shallow clones to take care of the being Hokage thing.

for all these reasons the multi shadow clone Jutsu is my pick for number one

that's it for this list this was pretty hard to make since naruto just learned so many new Jutsu during the fourth great ninja war at the end of the day this list is just my personal opinion what do you think of naruto's top 20 Jutsu be sure to leave your lists down below in the comment section.


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